Why Your Tooth May Have Nerve Damage

A lot of discomfort can come from a tooth that has nerve damage. The inflammation is not something that can easily be fixed by taking a medication, and sometimes the damage to the nerve may be permanent. In this situation, your dentist will require a root canal to stop the pain and fix the tooth. The root canal process involves removing the nerve inside the tooth, and then filling it in with a composite material. The top of your tooth is capped with a dental crown to provide it with the strength it needs for everyday use. If you're wondering why all this is necessary, it helps to know why that nerve became damaged in the first place.


A tooth can easily become infected if bacteria is able to get inside it. When this happens, all of the pulp within the tooth will become very swollen. This pulp is where all of the nerves of the tooth are, which will become irritated due to the swelling. The infection may be treated early on with an antibiotic, but it's possible that it was ignored for far too long and now the damage can't be healed that easily. Discomfort may also require immediate action to help deal with the pain.


A hard hit to your face may cause a lot of trauma that damages the nerves within your teeth. This can happen due to an accident, such as taking a hard hit while playing a contact sport, or suffering from a bad slip and fall. Even when the tooth looks perfectly fine and does not have any cracks or chips, there can still be damage to the tooth that affects the nerves within it. The tooth can then become dark as a result, which does not look great for front-facing teeth.


Many people think that they can avoid going to the dentist for a tooth whitening procedure, but using products at home can cause more harm than good. Teeth can become sensitive from using the chemicals found in the bleach used in home whitening products. If you use these products too much and do not follow directions, the chemicals can be absorbed into the teeth and make them more sensitive. It causes gradual irritation to the nerves in the teeth over time, which will not make it feel very comfortable.

Reach out to your dentist if you feel you are experiencing nerve damage.