Straightening Teeth When You Are Not Happy With Your Smile

Invisalign provides you with an opportunity to straighten your teeth without using traditional braces. An Invisalign consultation involves taking a careful look at the alignment of your teeth to see if the Invisalign system can work for you. The first step in getting Invisalign braces is finding a provider and scheduling your consultation. If you are deemed a strong candidate for this type of tooth straightening method, your provider will take a look at your dental records and determine what your treatment plan is going to be. You will discuss treatment costs, how long the treatment is going to take, and what the process is for straightening your teeth using the Invisalign system.

Evaluating Your Bite

As you meet with a dentist for your Invisalign consultation, your dentist will take a full set of dental X-Rays to check the structure of your teeth, including the root. The health of your jawbone will be evaluated, as well as the positioning of the roots of your teeth. The dentist will further check your bite, looking to see how your top and bottom teeth fit together when you bite down. You will be asked to bite down on a fast-set type of paste that is then removed and has the impression of your bite in it.

Preparing For Invisalign

Once your bite is assessed, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make your first set of Invisalign braces. This is done by taking an imprint of your teeth by biting down on putty placed in a tray. A number of pictures will be taken that include a variety of angles and a picture of your full face to get a clear idea of how to change your existing teeth and straighten them.

Getting Your Aligners

Your Invisalign specialist will send out your information and get a set of aligners made that meet your treatment protocol. Once your aligners arrive, your Invisalign dentist will talk to you about how long you need to wear your Invisalign braces every day and how to care for your aligners. You will be taught when to change to the next aligner, and have the aligner already with you in order to keep the process going.

Invisalign braces make it easy to straighten your teeth when traditional braces are not necessary. It's a discreet system and one that straightens teeth using a series of aligners that can be taken out at anytime.