4 Things You Need To Understand Before Getting A Dental Implant

A damaged or missing tooth can affect your appearance and your speech. However, you can change that with the help of a dentist. You can install dentures or implants to fill the dental gaps. A dental implant is a much better solution since it guarantees the best outcome. But before you choose this teeth replacement procedure, you should understand these four important things.

1. Implants Are as Reliable as Real Teeth

An implant is a man-made tooth root (screw-like metal) implanted into the jawbone. The artificial root provides a firm foundation for attaching a permanent or removable tooth. The good news is that the implants resemble and work like normal teeth. However, you should give the implants time to heal before you use them like your other teeth.

2. The Treatment Requires Sufficient Time

Getting a dental implant is a lengthy, complicated process that starts with consultations and health examinations. If you have a fully grown jawbone and are in good health, your dentist can schedule a date for the procedure. If not, jawbone grafting is done, and it takes a few months for the grafted jawbone to grow enough to proceed with the implants. After the procedure, you will require more time to recover fully.

Dental implant placement is a complex procedure that can be relatively more expensive than dentures. Therefore, plan how you will pay for the surgery. Remember to ask your insurance agent if they cover the dental procedure and related expenses and consult your dental clinic about it.

3. How Durable Are Implants?

If you follow the relevant instructions from your dentist after surgery, implants can serve you for the rest of your life. But they will not last long if you don't take care of them and follow your dentist's advice. For instance, if you don't clean them properly, they can deteriorate. In addition, bad habits like opening bottles or cracking nuts using your mouth will damage the implants.

4. Are There Any Risks Involved?

Like any other surgery, implant installation can lead to complications and side effects, but they are quite rare. For example, the implant site can get an infection, so you should understand possible causes and preventive measures. However, severe health risks are minimal when a professional dentist leads the treatment. Therefore, take time to understand the procedure and the requirements to increase the chances of successful treatment.

Dental implants can be a perfect solution for missing, damaged, or decaying teeth. Before the surgery, know that the surgery takes time and requires you to follow your dentist's advice. However, the procedure is worth it since the implants can serve you for a lifetime.

For more information about dental implants, contact a local dental clinic.