Reasons You Should Choose Tooth Implants

A missing tooth can affect you in more ways than just the physical appearance of a gap. You may not realize it, but a missing tooth can alter the jawbone structure and, eventually, your facial appearance. Gaps in your dental structure also affect the adjacent teeth by creating a breeding space for bacteria, which might cause infections.

Fortunately, artificial tooth implants are a viable corrective solution to missing teeth. Tooth implants are essentially replicas of natural teeth, with the significant difference that implants' roots are metallic. The dentist drills into the jawbone and installs specialized metallic screws, and then the crown is bolted onto the root. Dental implants are more convenient than many other methods of correcting missing teeth, and below are three key reasons to opt for them as a solution to such dental issues.

Cost Effective

Dental care can be costly. Surgical procedures, for example, require patients to dig even deeper into their pockets. However, the results of tooth implants prove them a cost-efficient investment. To begin with, the implant is a one-time procedure requiring little-to-no adjustments. In addition, they are not prone to wearing out quickly, which means that you won't need to have your implant replaced soon due to deterioration. On the contrary, well-maintained dental implants can last for more than a decade. Moreover, they are impervious to issues such as cavities, which further preserves their longevity.

Maintain a Natural Look

When you undergo a corrective dental procedure, one goal is to improve your dental structure's appearance. Tooth implants meet this objective because they imitate regular teeth and, therefore, cannot be distinguished as artificial. This is a great confidence boost, freeing you to speak and smile comfortably and relieving concerns that a gap or corrective device will draw attention.

Easy Maintenance

Artificial tooth implants require relatively minimal effort and costs to maintain. Unlike some dental corrective methods, these implants only require you to maintain proper oral hygiene. Even though tooth implants are artificial, they stand in place of your normal teeth and require regular flossing and brushing. This is in contrast to methods of gap correcting that may require you to visit the dentist for periodic adjustments and specialized cleaning. As such, dental implants stand out as convenient and hassle-free.

Dental implants are a suitable way to restore damaged or missing teeth, enhancing your comfort and confidence. It is imperative to consult your dentist for more personalized advice regarding the procedure.

For more information about tooth implants, reach out to a local dental clinic.