4 Differences Between A Family Dentist And A General Dentist

There are several types of dentistry, such a family dentistry and a general dentistry. Getting to know the different types of dentistry can help you to make the right choice when selecting a dentist. Although family dentists are similar to general dentists in some ways, there are some notable differences between these two types.

1. Family dentists don't have an age cap

General dentists and family dentists both offer similar services, such as dental fillings, tooth extraction, dental cleanings, and checkups. But general dentists tend to have an age cap that they stick to. For instance, most general dentists don't treat children and young children. They usually treat older teens, young adults, and adults. This is a problem if you have a large family.

Family dentists can treat all ages, from very young and very old. So if you have a large family, and you want to use a dentist that you can all see, choose a family dentist.

2. Family dental offices are child-friendly places

General dentists focus on the older age groups. This is reflected in the design of their dental offices. A general dentistry office won't have the same warm and inviting atmosphere as a family dentist for children. Family dentists often style their dental offices to be welcoming to families with children. They do this by providing toys for young children to play with while they wait for treatment.

3. Family dentists are good with scared or anxious children

Children often fear dental clinics and dental treatments because of the smells and the unfamiliar sounds they hear, as well as the dentist's chair itself. General dentists usually don't focus on young children. But because family dentists treat children, as well as adults, they understand that dental treatment can be traumatic for children. As such, they are prepared to calm anxious or scared children.

A family dentist is prepared to talk children through the treatment process in a warm and friendly manner to help calm scared or anxious children down.

4. Family dentists can save you a lot of travel time

In many cases, family members of different ages often have to use different dental clinics. Children may need to go to a pediatric dentist while their parents go to a general dentist. This can result in having to drive further in order to ensure the whole family gets the right dental care. With a family dentist, you can cut down on travel time by using the same dentist as your children.