Suffering From Receding Gums? Know How To Stop It

Receding gums is a problem that happens slowly over time. In fact, the change may be so subtle that you do not notice it until you have a problem with a lot of recession showing. One thing a dentist actually does is measures the pockets of the gums so they can tell if they are receding, and if so, let you know what you can do to prevent it. Here are 3 ways to prevent receding gums. 

Stop Brushing Aggressively 

While you may have heard the importance over the years about the amount of times you should be brushing your teeth, you likely did not know that the type of brushing can make a big impact as well. Brushing your teeth too hard can actually cause damage in the form of receding gums, and not cause your brushing to be any more effective. 

By using aggressive motion when brushing your teeth, you actually contribute to the enamel wearing away from your teeth and gum recession. While shifting to gentle brushing is not going to reserve the damage that has been done, it will prevent the gum recession from getting much worse. Consider using a toothbrush that has soft bristles, and use circular motions rather than back and forth motions that tend to be more aggressive. You can also switch to an electric toothbrush that has a pressure sensor to stop you from brushing too hard.

Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding is a huge problem that can lead to your gums receding. Much like what happens when you brush aggressively, teeth grinding will put a lot of pressure directly on the gums, which wears away at the very delicate tissue that makes them up. If you grind your teeth at night, the best thing you can do is wear a custom mouth guard when you go to bed. Don't go for something cheap that will be uncomfortable, since you want a solution that you will be encourages to use every day. 

Stop Smoking

Do you have a smoking habit that you can't seem to break? Smoking cigarettes and exposing your gums to tobacco can cause your gum line to recede and cause a lot of damage to them. Chewing tobacco can have a similar effect, since it causes plaque to build up in the pockets of the gum that can be harmful to them. Drop this habit for the health of your gums and your body.

If you have more questions, consider visiting dentist websites. You may have specific needs that you want to know more about, and asking a professional can help you understand your dental needs.