The Process Of Getting A Cavity Removed And Filled

If you have not had a cavity in many years, you might encounter one at some point. Cavities are common for people of all ages, and cavity removal and filling services are the most common procedures that dentists perform. If you have an appointment to get a cavity removed and filled and do not know what to expect, here are several things you should know.

The Dentist Numbs the Area

A cavity removal procedure begins with the dentist numbing the area. A dentist may apply numbing gel first and will then inject a numbing agent into your gums. The dentist will wait for five to ten minutes to let the numbing agent work and will begin the procedure.

The Dentist Grinds off the Cavity

The first part of removing a cavity is grinding it away. Dentists use extreme caution while doing this because they do not want to remove any good parts of a tooth. They aim only to remove the decay found on a tooth. They will carefully check the tooth when finished to ensure that every bit of decay is gone before proceeding to the next step.

The Dentist Cleans the Tooth and Prepares It

The next step is cleaning and preparing the tooth. The dentist cleans it with water and air to ensure that it is clean before applying the filling. Next, the dentist applies an etching product to the tooth and follows this with a bonding agent. The purpose of this step is to prepare the tooth to allow the filling to stick to it.

The Dentist Fills and Polishes It

The dentist may place a small clasp around the tooth at this point. This tool helps the dentist apply the correct amount of filling material to the tooth. As they do this, they will use a light to harden the filling material. When complete, they will remove the clasp from the tooth and move on to the final step.

The Dentist Tests Your Bite

The final step of a cavity removal procedure is testing the bite. Your dentist will place a strip in your mouth between your upper and lower teeth and will ask you to tap down with your teeth. The strip leaves blue markings on your teeth on the areas that rub together. The dentist will polish any blue areas, as this helps the filling fit properly in your mouth.

These are the primary steps of getting a cavity removed and filled. If you need dental work or would like to schedule a routine cleaning, contact a dentist in your area.