Why Some Dentists Recommend Resin Over a Silver Amalgam

When you receive normal dental fillings, you might notice that your teeth have a silvery look. While these types of fillings can be effective at combating oral decay, they can also stand out and will show that you had your teeth filled. If you don't want this, another option is to have your teeth filled with tooth-colored filling.

Protect Your Teeth from Oral Decay

With the use of a composite resin, your dentist is able to fill a cavity in a manner that isn't noticeable. Then, you'll be able to put a stop to your oral decay. In some cases, a dental filling might not be enough. For example, if your tooth is damaged enough, you might need a crown. Inlays and overlays are other options. Fortunately, there is an approach you can take that will make your teeth look great.

Feel Confident

Tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth. This ensures that no one will notice that you had your teeth filled. You'll feel more confident when you are happy with how your teeth look, and you'll be more willing to smile. By smiling more, you'll improve the perception that others have of you.

Don't Damage Your Teeth

The fillings that are used for silver amalgam teeth are harder on your teeth because they expand and contract as a result of temperature fluctuations. This can cause them to crack and break. This is not a problem with tooth-colored fillings.

Avoid Mercury

Older dental fillings can be even more dangerous because they would typically contain mercury. Exposure to mercury over a long period can lead to health problems, especially in children. However, these health risks are not present with newer dental fillings that are tooth-colored.

Don't Stain Your Teeth

The metal filling not only stands out, but can also stain your teeth as well. Even if you eventually replace the metal filling with a resin, such as when the filling falls out, your teeth might still be stained and further cosmetic work may be necessary to have the teeth that you want.

Match Your Tooth

One of the concerns with trying to match your teeth is that each tooth has a different shade. Therefore, when trying to use a custom option, you might be concerned that the resin might still stand out. However, your cosmetic dentist is able to custom-shade the resin so that it matches your teeth perfectly.