Why A Family Dentist May Be The Best Option For Your Child

Children should start receiving professional dental care as soon as their first teeth present. The dentist is able to provide guidance to parents concerning the at-home care of the pediatric patient's teeth and gums. Additionally, the dental provider can offer preventive care, such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, to help protect the patient's oral health. The provider can also offer corrective oral health services, such as a frenectomy for children with tongue-tie.

Even though many children see a pediatric dentist for their oral health needs, a family dentist is also a suitable option. Here are a few reasons why some parents choose a family dentist for their little one's dental care.

Visits for Multiple Family Members Can Be Scheduled Back-to-back at the Same Office

Due to their busy schedules, many parents may find it difficult to attend multiple separate dental appointments for themselves and their children. Although routine appointments are usually scheduled once every six months, the scheduling may become overwhelming for people with large families. 

A family dentist is trained to care for the dental needs of a patient, regardless of the patient's age. Thus, the provider can provide dental care for the parents and their kids during convenient consecutive appointments, allowing the parents to reserve a single day in their schedule for all of the routine visits.

Your Child Can Keep the Same Provider Through Adulthood

If a child switches dentists, their prior dental records may be requested by the new provider. The records help the new provider become familiar with the background and current state of their new patient's teeth and gums. 

However, when a family dentist has provided care for a patient since the person's childhood, the patient's dental records are already in the provider's office. Additionally, the dentist is aware of any prior dental problems or issues that may affect the patient's current dental needs. Also, the dentist has likely already developed a strong rapport with the patient, lessening the likelihood of dental fears or anxiety.

When Caring for Multiple Family Members, the Dentist Can More Easily Discern Familial Trends

Sometimes, certain dental issues, such as misalignments or susceptibility to decay, may run in a family. When a dentist cares for several members of the same family, they may notice trends that can help them determine the best preventive and restorative care to offer a patient. 

To schedule dental appointments for your child and other family members, contact your local family dentistry services