How Braces Help The Children Of Parents With Crooked Teeth

Parents share parts of their genetic code with their children to create a diverse lineage that is interesting to track and understand. Unfortunately, this genetic transference may cause crooked teeth in a child if their parents had bad teeth. Thankfully, a variety of braces treatment options are available for this problem.

Genetics Can Cause Crooked Teeth

Dental health is often very dependent on genetics. For example, most children of parents who have bad teeth end up developing some problems similar to their parents' dental problems. Having crooked teeth, in particular, often passes down through the generations and can be a very hard issue for a child to tolerate as they age.

This problem will likely occur even if a child takes the proper steps to protect their teeth, such as brushing and flossing. As a result, parents with bad teeth need to watch their children regularly to spot signs of crookedness. And when they do, it is critical to get treatments, like braces, to ensure that they do not have to experience the problems that can occur with crooked teeth, including troubles eating and getting teased by their peers.

Braces Can Fight Back Against Genetics

Although braces won't stop teeth from growing in crooked due to genetics, they can help to adjust them after they have grown into a mouth. This benefit occurs when the braces are properly fit onto a person's mouth. They are then adjusted to put slight pressure on the teeth in a way that shifts their position subtly. Over time, the crookedness of the teeth can be easily fixed and the teeth can be brought into line.

And the types of braces a young preteen can wear vary depending on their taste. For example, some may want standard braces because they are adaptable and easy to adjust. Others may want invisible braces that can be worn and removed like a mouth guard at various times. The different types can help make it easier for your child to have attractive teeth that they are not embarrassed by.

So anyone who had bad teeth growing up and who wants to ensure that their child's teeth remain strong need to talk to a dental professional about braces. Dental professionals can gauge the straightness of the child's teeth and properly adjust them in a way that ensures that they remain strong and capable of withstanding damage and other potential issues.