Reasons Teeth Suddenly Become Sensitive

If your teeth are healthy overall, you might feel some sensitivity with them from time to time, but it probably will not be overly painful or uncomfortable. If you suddenly feel major sensitivity issues with your teeth, though, there might be a problem. Here are some of the reasons teeth can suddenly become overly sensitive and knowing these causes can help you determine if you should visit a dentist right away or not.

Using Teeth-Whitening Products

There are so many products you can purchase from the store that are designed to whiten your teeth. This includes gels, trays, and polishes, but did you know that these products often cause sudden sensitivity with teeth? If you recently started using a product like this, it could be the reason your teeth suddenly hurt so bad. If you stop using the product and the sensitivity begins to dissipate, then you can be certain that the product was the cause of the sudden pain you began feeling.

Brushing Too Hard or with a Hard Brush

If you recently switched toothbrushes, the toothbrush you are now using might be the cause of your sudden sensitivity. A hard-bristled toothbrush might seem like a better way to clean your teeth, but it really is not a good choice. Switching to a brush like this could cause extreme sensitivity if you are brushing too hard, as it can scrape the enamel off teeth. If you lose your enamel suddenly, it will lead to a major increase in sensitivity.

Cavity or Gum Problem

You can also suddenly feel major sensitivity issues if you have a cavity or a problem with your gums. Any type of issue in your mouth will often cause pain, and the pain you feel can be sudden.

Sinus Problems

It is also common for people to suddenly feel more sensitivity in their teeth when they have sinus issues. Sinus infections cause swelling in the sinus cavity, and this swelling can affect the nerves that run to your teeth. If you often suffer from sinus problems and feel tooth pain during these times, it is likely that this is the cause of the tooth pain. If this is the cause, there is no treatment necessary for the tooth pain.

Dealing with sensitivity issues with your teeth can be bothersome, and it is always important to talk to a dentist about this issue, as there might be some type of treatment that you need.

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