3 Oral Problems That You May Run Into When Pregnant

For some women, pregnancy is a complete joy that they wouldn't change for anything. For other women, pregnancy is more of a pain and nuisance than anything. In addition to suffering from things like fatigue and morning sickness, many women also experience certain oral conditions. But how can you tell if your oral conditions are related to pregnancy or something else? This article will discuss three oral problems that you may run into when you are pregnant. 

Excess Saliva

Experiencing chronic morning sickness can feel like a death sentence in your first trimester. One of the things that contributes to morning sickness in many women is the production of excess saliva. Too much saliva can lead to women experiencing more frequent bouts of vomiting, but it usually dies down in the second trimester. If your excess saliva continues into your third trimester, this can also be normal, but it's something that you may want to speak to your dentist about. 

Bleeding Gums

When you are creating life, you will experience more hormonal changes than you ever have. Hormones don't just make you moody and nauseous, but they can also lead to bleeding gums as well. Bleeding gums are a condition that many women experience even before they get a positive pregnancy test, and the problem can continue throughout the remainder of pregnancy. To ensure that you don't develop something like gingivitis or that the problem isn't more than just a surge of hormones and blood, reach out to your family dentist; they will do a brief cleaning and make sure that your mouth is as healthy as possible. 

Enamel Erosion

Women who experience a ton of morning sickness accompanied by vomiting are more likely to suffer from enamel erosion. Because stomach acid is naturally full of acid, it can erode away your tooth enamel and cause it to weaken. To help you neutralize the acid in your mouth, make sure that you brush your teeth after every time that you vomit to lower the amount of time that the stomach acid has to sit on your teeth. 

One common misconception that people have when it comes to dental care during pregnancy is that you can't have a cleaning or exam done. Although your dentist will refrain from x-rays, they can still usually safely perform a cleaning and exam. To learn more about your oral health, reach out to a dentist, like those at Sun Dental.