5 Options For Dealing With Funny-Looking Teeth

Aesthetic issues with teeth are often overlooked because they don't lead to practical problems. There are, however, many cosmetic dentistry options available so let's look at 5 you might want to learn about.


This approach is used to fix issues like chipped or misshapen teeth. A bonding material is applied to the tooth to add volume, and then the material is reshaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Inlays and Onlays

This is a slightly more aggressive approach than bonding. A cosmetic dentist will remove part of the tooth and apply a material to build it back up. This method is usually reserved for situations where the tooth has significant problems.


The idea here is to replace the outside portion of the tooth with medical-grade porcelain or ceramic materials. It's usually employed when a tooth is otherwise healthy, but the tooth has been stained or discolored from activities like cigarette smoking or drinking coffee and tea. It may also be used to deal with crooked teeth that can't easily be fixed using orthodontic devices.

The cosmetic dentist removes most or all of the enamel on the side that faces outward. A resin is applied, and then the replacement material is basically glued into place.

Crowns or Caps

The idea here is very similar to what's done with veneers, except the entire enamel is removed. An acrylic or porcelain cap is installed on top of the tooth and glued into place. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, this method is best used for patients who have small teeth or unusually large gaps. They also can be used to repair major cracks or chips that didn't damage the inside of the tooth. Crowns and caps are sometimes employed on top of teeth that have had too many fillings to be repaired again by that method.

Teeth Whitening

Depending on the nature of the discoloration of a tooth, it may be possible to professionally whiten it. This process involves using a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Notably, this is a level of concentration that only a licensed professional can use so store products won't match its performance. A UV light is used to activate the paste once it's applied to your teeth.

Notably, you may want to undergo proper tooth cleaning before taking more drastic steps. It's often impressive for patients to see what a skilled hygienist can accomplish in terms of lightening teeth. For more information, contact a business like Larchmont Dental Associates P C.