3 Kinds Of Dental Specialists You May Need At Different Stages In Your Family's Life

Having kids is all about change. One day they are a newborn, and the next day they are sitting up. As fast as the infant stage goes, the other stages can go even faster. To help you stay on top of things like their dental health, it's good to know the differences between different types of dental specialists. From a pediatric dentist to an orthodontist, this article will list three kinds of specialists that you may need at different stages of your kid's life. 

1. Pediatric Dentist

As soon as your little one starts to sprout teeth, you should take them into a pediatric dentist to have their mouth examined. During this visit, their pediatric dentist will take a quick look at their gums and make sure their teeth are coming in well. The great thing about pediatric dentists is that they have more extensive training than a regular dentist in different things such as how to deal with the changes in a child's mouth such as a growing jaw. Your child can then continue going to a pediatric dentist until the age limit that the office permits. 

2. Family Dentist

As your child gets a little bit older, you may want to consider taking them and everyone else in your family to a family dentist. Family dentists specialize in patients of just about every age, which means that you can take your young child, your parent, and yourself all to the same person. A family dentist will do dental cleanings, fillings, root canals, and other basic dental needs for patients of almost all ages. 

3. Orthodontist

When your child starts getting their adult teeth in, it may be time to take them to an orthodontist. An orthodontist will take x-rays of their teeth and determine if they need braces or not. In addition to looking for crooked teeth, they will also look at your child's jaw and make sure that it's in the right position. Oftentimes, your child's jaw may need to be moved a little bit, but that can be done by using a variety of different orthodontic techniques. Your child's orthodontist may start them off with a retainer and then may slowly work them into braces as they get a little bit older. 

Knowing what kinds of dentists are out there to help you and your family can be really beneficial. To learn more, reach out to some specialists near you today.